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The Bull Assessment Scheme is intended to assist Breeders in deciding whether a bull is of a suitable standard to register or purchase as a Herd Sire. At the same time it is a means for the Society to be able to check and assist Breeders, ensure identification is done correctly and the animal is free of crop ear or other serious genetic faults.

The assessment is usually done by 3 fellow Breeders, who are giving their time voluntarily. There is the option for the breeder to choose the third person as a long as this person is suitably qualified (stock agent, cattle judge, vet, etc).
So that both the Assessors and the Breeder or Owner can get the most from this visit, and the task can be completed, you are required to fill in the attached questions and return it to the Registrar by mail or fax, with payment, so that a visit can be arranged.

Assessment Fees: $60 incl GST if the bull is at the Breeders address. $170 incl GST if the bull is at someone else’s address.

Registration Fees: If you decide to go ahead with the registration there is a further $135 incl. GST (fees to be borne by the Breeder).

RETURN BY - September 14th for October assessments or by March 15th for April assessments.

NOTE: Only the Breeder can register the bull. In cases where the bull has already been sold it is the Breeders responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to have the bull assessed. Allow 30 minutes per bull plus 10 minutes for paperwork per bull, plus 10 minutes to inspect dam.

Please use one form per bull.


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This is contained in the Members Kit on Page 12 and 13
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The animal has to have two AHB compliant tags, and have the Herd identified on either a tag or a tattoo.
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