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Full members have the option of registering a herd if they intend breeding registering cattle with the society. Please select the relevant option, and see below for full details.
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To be filled in by Full Members (only) intending to breed and register Highland Cattle. Herd Registration $60 incl GST (One off fee)

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It is a legal requirement in New Zealand for farms to have both an Animal Health Board (AHB) number and a National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) number. Both are administered by OSPRI.

You can find the OSPRI application form for both numbers here..

If requesting to register a herd with New Zealand Highland Cattle Society please provide both your AHB and NAIT numbers.

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As a Member/s of the New Zealand Highland Cattle Society Inc, I/We understand the rules contained in its Constitution and Registration and Herdbook Rules.

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Direct Debit to TSB Bank 15-3953-0511620-00

Privacy of Personal Information and Approval for Release

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I understand that my personal information will be used by the Society for the effective management of the Society and of the Society’s herd book and agree to allow the Society to access DNA samples and or DNA profiles of animals bred/owned by the member for the purposes of identification or proof of parentage of highland cattle owned or bred by members of the NZHCS.

Personal information may be made available to other Society members through internal publication of membership lists and herd book information.
Release of information to the public by way of the Society’s web site
I approve of my personal information being placed on the Society’s web site.
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I approve of my personal contact information being released to select providers of information that can add value to me as a breeder of highland cattle and or a member of the New Zealand Highland Cattle Society

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